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Automate a Garage Door

If you currently have a garage door that needs to be opened manually then it is likely you have been caught out in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather more than once! If so, it won’t take too much convincing to automate your garage door.

You may also be concerned about safety issues if you come home late at night and need to get out of your car to open your garage door. It may even be that you have an elderly relative that you are worried about.

Whatever the reason, it easier to automate your garage door than you think. This includes roller doorspanel lift doors, and tilt doors. We use a variety of garage door openers, including the popular brands of Automatic Technology, MerlinSteel-LineSuperlift and Vicway. Most remote controls are now much more convenient than in the past. Most people now have a remote small enough to have on their key ring. You can also choose to have security pin access pads on the wall of your garage, as well as a standby power unit.

Things to Consider when you Automate a Garage Door

  • The condition of your garage door
  • The type of garage door – eg roller doorpanel lift doors, and tilt doors.
  • Whether you are installing a new automation system or replacing one
  • What functions you would like to have
  • The structure surrounding your garage door – ie how the automation equipment can be attached.

Benefits of Automated Garage Doors

There are many great benefits in having your Garage Door automated. These include:


Automated garage doors are a great convenience, but there are also major security benefits. There is no longer any need to get out of your car to open or close your garage door. In addition, your garage door will automatically locked when the door closes.

No More Leaving your Car Outside

How many times have you left your car outside because you couldn’t be bothered to get out of your car and open your garage door? You car will be more secure and protected from the weather now that you have an automated your garage door.

No More Struggles to get your Garage Door Open

Garage doors can be cumbersome to open. This is particularly true if you are suffering from an injury or illness such as arthritis. Also, if you have an elderly relative they may be finding it increasingly difficult to get their garage door opened or closed.

Helps to Prevent Injuries

You no longer need to worry about your garage door closing on your children or pets. This is because modern automation of garage door have door sensors. These sensors raise the garage door back up if it detects anything is in it’s way..

Increases the Value of your Home

With the convenience and safety that an automated roller door brings, it can only increase the value of your home. Prospective buyers will like the fact that don’t have to go to the trouble of getting it automated.themselves.