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Pete The Roller Door Bloke

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Eco Garage Door Repairs

We specialise in Eco Garage Door repairs. This means if you have an Eco Garage Door you know we will come and fix it fast!

Remember we have a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy. That means in the unlikely event we can’t fix your garage door we won’t charge you!

Eco Garage Doors are a young business but their garage doors have increased in popularity over recent years in Melbourne. This is because they are renowned for their innovative products. Their highly engineered products include their eco friendly insulated garage door range. This range is designed to keep you warm in Melbourne’s winter and cool in it’s summer.

The Insulated Range includes the following styles:

  • Fineline
  • Ribline
  • Standford
  • Portabella

We repairs all these styles in the Insulated Range as well as other styles, including the Roller Doors and Sectional garage doors. So no matter what type of Eco Garage Door you have you can trust us to fix it!

Eco Garage Doors are very reliable but things can still go wrong. At Pete The Roller Door Bloke we have lots of experience in repairing all types of Eco Garage Doors.

As we service all Melbourne suburbs, it doesn’t matter where you are, we will come and fix your Eco Garage Door fast. We are proud to provide a quick, friendly service on time, all the time. This includes same day service and a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy!

We only repair residential garage doors, and specialise in Eco Garage Doors. This means you know we have the specialist expertise to repair your garage door no matter what the problem is.

Remember we have a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy. That means in the unlikely event we can’t fix your garage door we won’t charge you!

Eco Garage Door Repairs we do Include:

  • Garage door won’t open or close
  • Broken locks or keys
  • Motor light is flashing but roller door not moving
  • Remote control not working
  • Roller door only opens or closes mid way
  • Lot of noise when roller door opening or closing
  • Tracks are bent
  • Roller Door ballooning out at top when closing

Benefits of Eco Garage Doors

There are many great benefits in having an Eco Garage Door. These include:


Eco Garage Doors insulated range feature an innovative polyester resin foam panelling system. It is not only eco friendly but quieter to run

Custom Colour Matching

If you want your garage door to match your home this is possible with their custom colour matching.

Quiet Operation

Eco Garage Doors are well known for a smooth and quiet operation. This means your family won’t we woken up when someone comes home late at night.

Large range of styles

Eco Garage Doors offer a large range of styles to choose from. This means there is a style that will suit both contemporary as well as more traditional homes.