Roller Door Repairs Gisborne

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No Fix No Charge!

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No Fix No Charge!

Garage Roller Door Repairs Gisborne

At Pete the Roller Door Bloke we specialise in roller door repairs in Gisborne. This includes servicing and automating garage doors. We repair all sorts of garage door including roller doorstilt doors and panel lift doors. So not matter what type of garage door you have we can fix it!

We pride ourselves on always providing a quick, friendly service, on time all the time. As we only do repairs and servicing on residential garages you are assured we have the expertise and experience to fix your garage door fast!

That is why we offer a No Fix! No Fee! guarantee.

Garage Door

We repair all types of garage doors and roller doors in Gisborne. NO FIX, NO CHARGE.

The brands of garage and roller doors we repair include – Airport Doors, B & D Doors, Centurion Garage Doors, Eco Garage Doors, Gliderol Doors, Hormann Garage Doors, Steel-Line Garage Doors and Taurean Garage Doors.

We also replace cables, springs and wheels.

Garage Door

Don’t forget maintenance when it comes to your Gisborne garage door!

Get your garage door serviced before it becomes a costly problem.

We service all types of garage doors including but not limited to roller doors, panel doors, sectional doors and tilt doors.

Remote Controls
& Automation

If you have an existing garage door in Gisborne and want it automated, including remote controls, you have found the right bloke.

We repair and install door openers and door remote control units to suit any garage door.

This includes roller doorspanel lift, and tilt doors.

Why Choose us to Repair your Garage Door in Gisborne?

  • No Fix No Charge Guarantee
  • Family owned & operated
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Affordable prices
  • Always turn up on time
  • Only use high quality parts
  • Specialise in residential garages
  • Same day service

Residential Garage Door Repairs Gisborne

At Pete The Roller Door Bloke, we work on every type of residential garage doors and their automation, not just roller doors in the Gisborne. We don’t install the doors. We only repair and service them. This means we have the specialist skills to fix them fast! There are a lot of different types of garage doors, and even more automation systems, but we have been doing this for many years and we know pretty much all of them.

That is why we offer a No Fix! No Fee! guarantee.

Roller Doors

Roller doors provide a colorbond metal door that rolls along tracks into a cylinder at the top of the doorway. They are a standard for garage doors in Gisborne

Tilt Doors

Tilt Doors use a mechanical hinge with tracks and springs to position a single large door. The door swings out and up as you open it and then slide under the ceiling of your garage.

Panel Lift Doors

Panel Lift doors use a set of tracks and cables to open and close the garage.

When they open, the panels are above the parking space.


We work on all brands of garage doors.
Some of the most popular brands we repair are: