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Centurion Garage Door Repairs

We specialise in Centurion Garage Door repairs. This means if you have an Centurion Garage Door you know we will come and fix it fast!

Remember we have a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy. That means in the unlikely event we can’t fix your garage door we won’t charge you!

Centurion Garage Doors are an Australian owned company. They have been in manufacturing garage doors for over 40 years. That’s why they know what types of garage doors best suit the harsh Australian climate. They pride themselves in providing an extensive range of garage doors that suit both your home and your budget.

The Centurion Sectional Range includes the following styles:

  • Colorbond
  • Sunshine
  • Architectural
  • Timber

We repairs all these styles in the Centurion Sectional Range as well as their Roller Doors. So no matter what type of Centurion Garage Door you have you can trust us to fix it!

Centurion Garage Doors are very reliable but things can still go wrong. At Pete The Roller Door Bloke we have lots of experience in repairing all types of Centurion Garage Doors.

As we service all Melbourne suburbs, it doesn’t matter where you are, we will come and fix your Centurion Garage Door fast. We are proud to provide a quick, friendly service on time, all the time. This includes same day service and a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy!

We only repair residential garage doors, and specialise in Centurion Garage Doors. This means you know we have the specialist expertise to repair your garage door no matter what the problem is.

Remember we have a NO FIX, NO CHARGE policy. That means in the unlikely event we can’t fix your garage door we won’t charge you!

Centurion Garage Door Repairs we do Include:

  • Garage door won’t open or close
  • Broken locks or keys
  • Motor light is flashing but roller door not moving
  • Remote control not working
  • Garage door only opens or closes mid way
  • Lot of noise when roller door opening or closing
  • Tracks are bent
  • Roller Door ballooning out at top when closing

Benefits of Centurion Garage Doors

There are many great benefits in having a Centurion Garage Door. These include:

Finger Safe Design

Centurion Sectional Garage Doors have a revolutionary finger safe design. This gives you peace of mind when opening and closing your garage door on a daily basis.

You Can Let the Light In

If you want light to come into your garage door then the Sunshine range is for you. Not only does it let the light in, but it does not compromise on privacy or security.

Timber Look

If you want the look of a timber garage door but the strength of a steel one, then the Timbalook range is a great option. This range of Centurion garage doors has all the benefits of steel garage door but with a high end textured timber look.

Optional Extras

One of Centurion’s most innovative optional extras is a CinderSafe Fire Seal. This feature prevents cinders from entering your home through your garage. It is rated 40+ on the Bush Fire Attack Level Chart